Are you a Flipkart seller? If yes, did you know that a virtual office space can help reduce overhead expenses and improve sales? This blog post discusses the benefits of using a Virtual Place of Business (VPOB) for Flipkart sellers.

What is the Need for VPOB for Flipkart Sellers?

Flipkart is a major e-commerce company in India, with over 100 million customers and many more sellers. For Flipkart sellers to facilitate service in different states, they need GST registration in those states. To get GST registration, you must have an office address in that state. With VPOB, Flipkart sellers can use virtual office space as that does not require them to purchase expensive physical office space.

What are the Benefits of Virtual Office for Flipkart Sellers?

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Virtual offices provide Flipkart sellers with an easy and practical way to launch an e-commerce business in India. A Flipkart seller looking for new markets or a professional address can take advantage of a virtual office.

Three benefits of VPoB for Flipkart sellers:

  • No stress of Physical office space
  • Virtual office addresses in prime business locations
  • Easy Input Tax returns while filing for ITR

What are the Services Offered Under Virtual Office for Flipkart Sellers?

We offer the following services:

  • Virtual Office GST registration along with one free Additional Place of Business (APOB) registration
  • Virtual Office address for a year
  • Additional APOB registration
  • GST representation and related consulting

Why Choose InCorp?

InCorp completed 2500+ VPOB and APOB registrations in 2 years across India. Our team of experts can help you choose the right virtual office packages for your e-commerce business. We have a proven track record of zero VPOB GST cancellation rates. Our professionals ensure that 95% of GST registrations are completed within 30 days of initiation. InCorp’s VPOB locations are present in 12 states in India. We have successfully processed over 350 VPOB GST registrations in a single location and resolved over 800 GST queries and notices for our clients. To learn more about VPOB services, you can write to us at or reach out to us at (+91) 77380 66622.

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