Insurance intermediaries, including agents, brokers, and other entities, facilitate the insurance process between insurers and customers. In GIFT City IFSC (International Financial Services Centre), these intermediaries are regulated by the International Financial Services Centre Authorities (IFSCA) and adhere to stringent guidelines to ensure customer transparency, safety, and security.

This article will delve into the significance of insurance intermediaries in GIFT City IFSC, their eligibility criteria, permissible activities, capital requirements, fees, and essential compliance regulations.

What Do We Mean By Insurance Intermediaries?

Insurance intermediaries act as the bridge between insurers and customers. Their primary objective is to assist clients in comprehending their insurance needs and providing advice on the most suitable insurance policies available in the market. In GIFT City IFSC, insurance intermediaries are crucial in facilitating the sale of insurance products. By offering access to a diverse range of insurance products and services, these intermediaries empower customers to make informed decisions regarding their insurance requirements.

What Is The Eligibility For Setting Up IFSC Insurance Intermediary Office?

Individuals or entities interested in establishing an IFSC Insurance Intermediary Office (‘IIIO’) in GIFT City, Gujarat, must fall under the following categories:

  • Insurance Broker
  • Corporate Agent (‘C.A.’)
  • Surveyor and Loss Assessor (‘SLA’)
  • Third-Party Administration (‘TPA’)

What Are The Permissible Activities For IIIO In Gift City?

An IIIO registered as IFSC unit in GIFT City, Gujarat, can undertake the following activities:

  • Insurance Brokerage
  • Corporate Agency
  • Third-party Administration
  • Surveying and loss assessment

Additionally, IIIOs can conduct these activities within the IFSC, from other Special Economic Zones (SEZs), and even from outside India, as permitted by the authorities. However, the Insurance Act of 1938 provisions must be strictly adhered to for any business transactions carried out in mainland India.

What Are The Minimum Capital / Net Worth Requirements For Setting Up In GIFT City As IIIO?

Category Capital/ contribution
Net Worth
Direct Insurance broker USD 100,000 USD 80,000
Reinsurance Broker USD 550,000 60% of min capital requirement
Composite broker USD 675,000 60% of min capital requirement
Surveyor and Loss Assessor NIL NIL
Third Party Administrator USD 550,000 USD 150,000
Corporate agent USD 75,000 USD 75,000

What Are The Fees To Set Up As IIIO In Gift City?

IFSCA specifies the following fee structure for IFSC Insurance Intermediary Offices (IIIO’s):

Type of Application Fees
Application (one time) USD 500
Registration (one time) USD 1,000
Annual Fee USD 1,000


Insurance intermediaries play a vital role in the insurance process within GIFT City IFSC. These intermediaries act as facilitators between insurers and customers, providing valuable guidance and assistance in understanding insurance needs and selecting suitable policies. The regulatory framework established by the International Financial Services Centre Authorities (IFSCA) ensures transparency, safety, and security for customers.

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